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How do i pay for custom requests


i wanna make a custom request from someone but neither I or the person im making it from knows how im supposed to pay for it. could someone help me out please?


Just as you pay for any other order.
Your seller sends you a custom offer and you accept it.
It’s that easy.

If you have problems with the basics of Fiverr visit the help section on the Fiverr page.


Okay but would you mind telling me how they give me the custom offer so I can tell her?


At the bottom of every message you’ve send her or she sent you, there is a button saying “Create Custom Offer”.
It doesn’t get any easier.


didnt see those on my messages, should i have used the “custom order” button next to the “contact me” button aopposed to the one among the gigs?

heres a link to her page so you know what im talking about


Yes, you can do that.
She must have the “Send Custom Offer” though. Everybody has it.
But it’s not in braille available, lol.