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How do I pay seller after modification?

I told a graphic designer to make some changes on my order. He did so. Now I have no idea how to pay him without giving more money to Paypal again. How do I do this?

Reply to @kjblynx: Maybe he just didn’t know how the system works. But there are people who appreciate sellers time and work. I know, amazing, right? :slight_smile:

Just mark the order complete and leave a good review , he/she will get there money :slight_smile:

Reply to @ruxandradraws:

Those are dream buyers. :slight_smile:

I usually buy another $5.00 “gig” for modificaitons and tips and I clearly state that in the order description and pre-discussions. It will, however, draw from Paypal.

Yeah just buy another of his gigs


You do realize that every buyer reading your message is going to stay far away from you, right? Nobody likes a spammer.

buy his TIP gig if he have.

My seller has asked for another $5 for minor modifications, mostly color, and omission correction on his/her part…I am offended by the request, but for the sake of immediacy, I would like to pay if I knew how to do so…please help me execute this task so I may receive my finished order in timely fashion before leaving him/her a scathing review. How do I proceed with this since there is no such option on any Fiverr page? Thank you.

Reply to @bombaybonedry04: If you are willing to do it just to expedite (which I can understand, especially at low price) you can just re-order the same gig at the $5 price and put in the requirements field that it is to pay for revisions. To protect yourself and the seller, you can specific exactly what revisions in case you need Fiverr Customer Service to review it later. I find that getting everything down in virtual stone helps.

Reply to @fonthaunt: This is the third gig for which he has asked extra money…it’s almost as if he intentionally messes it up so that I am forced to ask for modififcations, then be extorted for additional funds. Shady, to say the least, since I know that what I ask for entails merely one or two clicks of his mouse. Thanks for your advice.

Reply to @z99zoom: I for one will make certain to actively AVOID using your service simply for the lack of class displayed in posting this here.

Reply to @bombaybonedry04: You are welcome. Sometimes even a good buyer and a good seller just don’t have chemistry or something along those lines! Many of these services would cost hundreds to thousands outside Fiverr but here you do sometimes have to buy in small portions at a time and deal with communication skills. Keep that in mind and try to be gentle with your seller if you can. Still, if two people aren’t working well together, there are always more Fiverr-fish in the sea after you wrap up a job.

Reply to @fonthaunt: All well and good, but seriously, what the service would cost elsewhere is beside the point…on THIS site it is offered for $5. To intentionally omit requested details, or to stray from the order parameters simply to demand more $$$ in order to do it correctly is tantamount to extortion, and is wrong in every sense. After I receive the latest finished product, he will get an earful, and an appropriate review.

Reply to @bombaybonedry04: In that case I would suggest taking with the seller about cancelling the order. Threatening someone with negative feedback is against the Terms of Service. If you just want to rant there is a different forum category for that. If you want to complain to Customer Support, you can do that too.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I did not threaten anyone…I sent the money, once again, as was demanded, and will leave appropriate feedback…this “rant” as you call it is simply a response to your faulty logic.

Reply to @bombaybonedry04: When you post on a public forum that you are accusing a seller of extortion and implying that you are going to pay now and leave negative feedback later, the seller could easily see that and feel threatened by it. There was no need to write those things in your posts.

No one can force you to buy another gig. No one can make you buy a pair of pants, but if you buy some and realize the quality is not what you paid for, you can return them. Same thing here, it’s just a service instead of a physical item. I genuinely tried to help you on your original question. I understood why you were upset in your first post and tried to answer you, but yes, I think you moved on to a rant.

The price does matter. I don’t mean the seller should do less than $5 worth of work if you pay $5. You should get what you paid for and I don’t know what was in the gig description so I’m not taking a side on that part. You aren’t guaranteed that everything is five bucks, prices start at $5 and of course you will be charged more if the work you want is worth more. That is between you, the seller, and Give That’s my opinion, nothing more and nothing less. I’m not going to respond to you further because I don’t have anything else to say to you.