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How do I place links to sample work in my gig description?

My description contains links to sample work (nothing which promotes any service outside of Fiverr). The links show up, but they don’t act like hyperlinks–you can’t click them.

Is there a way to make links act like links in descriptions?

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I found a list of supported domains on Fiverr support. It frustrates me that they limit so much. What if a web designer wants to show off a custom website?
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Reply to @kjblynx:
He’s asking how he can hyperlink the website address in the gig description (supposed to be unshortened links to YouTube, Flickr, and SoundCloud portfolios including http://www) so that it can be clickable. Till now the gig editor doesn’t allow live linking.

Reply to @assuringquality: Then take a screen snapshot and post it as a photo. Or if you are looking to show the functionality, create some kind of video to upload where you are showing interactive screen capture of what you are doing by clicking around and demonstrating it.

The reason they limit it so much is that it is against the rules of Fiverr to contact people outside of Fiver, so if sellers were allowed to post links to any website they wanted, there is a higher chance buyers would contact them directly.

Reply to @assuringquality: Thanks for looking that up and posting the link. Some of the documents have been updated very recently so there is info that hasn’t made it’s way “around the block” yet.

No way,
You can’t put clickable link in gig description.
Also you can only put these type of links, listed here,