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How do I politely turn down someone I think is doing something illegal?

So, I have this recurring buyer.
I do translations, and our first project was a short text about bitcoin. Can’t remember exactly what it was, but it wasn’t the first time I translated something related to cryptocurrency, so I accepted, did the job, and all was fine.
And then a few weeks later, there was a new order from him, once again about cryptocurrency-stuff. Only this time it was about an automatic trader. I didn’t think too hard about it, I know there are automatic traders online, so I did the job and again, all was fine.
But then a few weeks later he approached me about a big order, over 20K words, divided into several shorter texts. I noticed these were reviews about different autotraders for cryptos, but that all systems seemed identical, so this aroused my suspicion and I spent about five minutes googling this before realizing that these traders are known scams.
I’m not involved in crypocurrency, I had no idea until I noticed how similar the texts were.

I feel so bad now! I mean, what if someone read these texts and actually invested (and lost) money? I’d assume the scams work since the buyer is once again requesting work and I feel terrible.

So here’s my problem; someone who would go through this much problem scamming people probably wouldn’t think twice about doing a paypal cashback or something, so I don’t want to piss this client off and lose the money he already paid me (it’s not an insignificant sum but hardly four-figures).

The scam is itself illegal, I’m pretty sure, since they’re not actually providing a trading bot. But that doesn’t mean the client I’m working with is the person responsible. I know I can block them, and I’m leaning towards doing that, but I’m really worried about cashbacks as retaliation. Doing more work for them is of course not an option for me.

Should I report them to fiverr?

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You could just say that you’re sorry you can’t work on it as you aren’t sure of the legitimacy (or maybe legality?) of it. And/or maybe that you’re not sure if it’s okay with Fiverr’s terms of service.

It’s only illegal if they don’t disclose how the scam really works. They can do this by hiding that data in Terms and Agreements when people sign up. (As nobody reads these.)

I tell people all the time that I can’t wok with them. In you case, just tell them you can’t help as you are taking time out. Then block them. I say block them as these buyers (specific to the crypto trading scam niche) will only want more of the same content from you. They can also be super tricky and start placing orders where in their order details, they say you will need to sign up to a website to see how it works.

I even had one crypto buyer order and ask me to download their Bitcoin wallet, load it with Bitcoin, and take sceenshots of the process, then write a review of my experiebce using their app.

All that said, you could just complete these orders. It is not your responsibility to decide whether they are scams or not. If you search for ‘whitepapers’ on Fiverr, you will find that some sellers are making a killing writing these. The thing is, if you’re coming to Fiverr to get your ICO whitepaper written, your ICO is definitely a scam.

You also get a lot of people who have no idea that they are asking you to write about scams. Your client might have a blog where someone has come along and said "I love your blog! Can we work together? I’ll pay you and you help me promote my product?"

In short, either block em or carry on working on orders like this, providing you are morally okay with it and aren’t asked to do anything explicitly illegal.


If you have a bad feeling but perhaps aren’t sure if it’s illicit or not, you can just say something neutral like “I’m sorry but I can’t help you with this”, most people will leave you alone then, although some can be insistent and ask why and what, in which case you can add another sorry, I can’t help, a nice day to you, or such, and block them then (the app seems to work best for that), so they’ll cease being insistent.

If you know it’s something illegal, you can always neutrally say that it’s against Fiverr’s Tos (illegal things obviously all are against Fiverr’s ToS), and report it.