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How do I post a job? Need help finding graphic designer

My family has a YouTube channel and I’ve used artists on Fiverr for my banner and one other project and I’m happy with their work. But now I’m looking for a graphic designer to make a family logo for us and a couple t-shirt designs. I need to get some creative feedback from them and would like to bounce some ideas back and forth. I’m not all that creative so I need guidance. I’m not sure how to find this service on here.

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Check this out:


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Check this one out too!

(Two thing neither of these mention is that, 1) if possible, keep your attachments to one: a PDF will work pretty well. And 2) formatting doesn’t work in BR, so if you have a list, be sure to put it in paragraph form or put in the attachment.)

Oh, and also be aware that you WILL have to dig through a LOT of poor offers to your request. It’s almost unavoidable.
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Hi @stevepatsy.

The first step would be to use Google and look for “logo style” or “logo design” .

Look at the results and copy in one file all that you like, then think about what are your goals for the logo, where are you going to use it, is it going to become a larger project like merch and trademark?

Make sure that you get vector files for the logo that are actual vector files, not raster saved in vector format.

It is better that you have some brief before looking for a designer here.

Also keep in mind that it would be polite from you to accept a fee for consultation (the

[quote=“stevepatsy, post:1, topic:599251”]
bounce some ideas back and forth

because consultation like that and “bouncing” take time.

Take care!