How do I prepare my Fiverr Account for a vacation?


Hey Fiverrs,

I am quite active at the moment, but face a 6 week vacation soon.

Now I am unsure how to prepare my account for that, in order to keep my level of orders the same it is at the moment. I guess I will have to remove all RUSH ORDER Gig Extras and also put up the delivery time to 60 days or something. Is that the best way? What else do I need to do?


Extend timings of course, and try to log here and there and actually deliver the work…

With online revenue there are no vacation… you should be on top of the game mate.



Suspend you gigs.


Reply to @seoandmarketing: Suspending your Express gigs will loose it’s Express status, no?


Hy crazyeve,

I always bumped on this particular issue and I can tell you it’s better to suspend your gigs during vacation. Also leave a message in your gig/profile description such as: "I’m on vacation. I’ll be back in January. Until then, I wish you a Happy New Year!. PS: It’s easier to reach me in the future if you collect my gig. “See” Ya! "

If you put the delivery time to 60 days, some buyers might feel disappointed and ‘force cancel’ after a couple of weeks of inactivity which is really bad to your ratings. Another downside of leaving gigs active while on vacation is that when you get back you might get too many orders to handle (if you can call this a problem, I hope this will be your only problem).

Best wishes and keep up the good work!


If you suspend an Express gig, it will not affect your gig’s Express status when you re-activate your gig, i.e. it will remain an express gig.

I did this just recently with some of my Express gigs.


Reply to @thefacebookgeek: If it loose the express status, contact the support and they will add the express status back. :slight_smile:




Reply to @ownergolan: I do not want to ruin my vacation with the daily Fiverr struggle, its just not worth it =)


@ oldbittygrandma : yes…that is what my idea is too…Suspending gigs will remove the badge…and putting up I’M ON VACATION in capital letters has to be done…coz most don’t read the gig well…


yes I got it thanks… :wink:


Helpful advice!


It depends on how long you will be away, can gain access to the computer to do the odd job while away and whether you want the hassle of Fiverr while on holiday. When I took three months off to have my baby and get in a routine, I suspended all my gigs. It took my out of the search results and left me with no seller badge or gig extras but it was worth it to have the time away. I’ve quickly got back to the level that I was at (currently had to suspend gigs because of too many orders!)


Another great advice from OBG :slight_smile: