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How do I preview the delivery?



Sorry I have just had my first order delivered. I had made several revisions but have only been able to see the small sample on the left-hand side. Each delivery has had a PDf file attached. When I click on it, a msg comes up saying I should contact the web page…

Is this normal? Shouldn’t I be able to see the PDF and then once accepted the watermark disappears? The picture at the moment is too small as my order is a pull-up banner and I need to see the detail. I am happy with the revision but I don’t want to accept then see in detail that one part is blurry…

I tried to contact support about this but no reply…

I should be able to see the PDF, correct? Whats the solution?

Thanks for your help



When your order is delivered, there is an preview panel on the left and an downloadable attachment on the right.
The attached file is what you need. Just click on the file and download it.

If you can’t download that file, it may be an error. You should contact Customer Support in this case.


Thanks for that.

I can’t download that file. It states an error and asks to contact the website.

So I wasn’t doing anything incorrectly.

Ok, I will wait for the reply from support…


Might sound like a stupid question - are you trying to download to a desktop computer or on a mobile phone please?

I often get clients who can’t download via the mobile app or website but can download it without any problems on a desktop PC.


I’m on a PC. As you said should click on and download, then the error occurs


Can you right click on the link and download it to your PC?


No. Only links available