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How do I promote my gigs through Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo take it as a violation to post a link

on my answers . Even they can ban me if I do it . But I have heard of people talking about promoting their gigs through Yahoo Answer . How do they manage to do that ? Your help would be appreciated .

Yes , many are promoting their gigs through Yahoo Answers . Yahoo is one of the best search engines out there . So it’s a great idea to bring traffics into your gig through it .

But the problem is one have to be at Level 2 to be able to post links in yahoo answers . Besides they don’t allow any kind of promotions in the answers . Once you start posting links in order to promote gigs , they can ban you in no time .

However , there are some ways to get rid of the problem . One must have to be as clever as possible so that his answer does not look like a spam. For example , he can post his links in the middle of the answer so that it does not seem to be a direct promotion .

Besides he can add link in the sourcebox provided that his answer is relevant to the question . Some think that posting one link for every 10 answers is quite safe till now .

In this way one can attract targeted traffics in his gigs . I am not sure if these tricks work . So let me know if anyone knows more than that !


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@aliabbasjp Thanks , I don’t need medical consultation right now.

I also thing its not a good idea to promote your gig on yahoo answer. Yahoo answer is a platform where user interact with each other using FAQ method …So Do not used it for your Links building…Thanks…

I doubt you would get even one sale that way. Don’t waste your time. People are not looking to buy gigs when they go to yahoo answers.

Makes you look spammy. Not cool.

~delete this post mods, posted by accident.~

To answer the question, your first step will be to build a time machine to go back to a time when Yahoo Answers was relevant.