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How do i promote my service in linkdin?


anyone knows, how do promote the offer in linkdin properly? if you know please reply ASAP


If you think you have some buyer in your Likedin account. Just share link of your gigs.


copy your gig link and share it! Always try to share where millions of visitors are active. This will help you to get more orders.


Not likely. It would be better to share your gig links where your target customers can see them. Randomly posting random gig links “where millions of visitors are active” is considered spam.


I think sharing gig on social site is one kind of spam but how can I understand where is "target customers’ if I didn’t share my gig in front of many people?


Who do you think will buy your services? THOSE people are your target customers. Spamming your gigs links on social media is useless and will be a waste of your time. You need to make sure that the people who need your services see your marketing efforts. Those target customers are the ONLY people who will purchase your services, so you need to make sure that you are talking/marketing straight to those people.


Can You tell me details .
I want to this place.


where millions of visitors are active ?
Please tell me this place name.


There is no such place. Go where your customers are located, not millions of random people.


ok Thanks
Now I am clear about it.