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How do I rank my gig to the top 5 pages

How do I move my gig to the top 5 pages, I have tried several things, I get jobs once in a while with good reviews, I’m just surprised I’m still not in the top 5 pages. Here are my gigs, please tell me if something is wrong with them.

You are ranking the gig for a specific keyword. For some KWs, you’ll be on the first page, for some other, not in the first 20. For example, I’m ranking quite good for the KW “medical article” but for the “medical articles” not even close to the first few pages.

Being on the first 5 pages of the whole category is really hard, and I’m not sure how it works.

Optimize, optimize, optimize. It’s far more important that your gig is available to someone who’s looking for someone to write a cover letter for him (and types in “cover letter” in research), than to be in first page of writer’s category exposed to thousands of people looking for a writer for their blog article. For example, health writer. Maybe me in particular. But I doubt that happens :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I have no idea how the rankings of our gigs work. Not to blow my own horn or anything but I am a relatively new seller (I’d joined Fiverr 42 days ago) and my gig shows up on Page 4 or 5 (not too bad in my opinion) in the recommended section of the whole category of “proofreading and editing” (and on Page 1 of the whole category if you select “online” as well) despite not having optimized a whole lot. Yes, I’ve optimized… But not excessively.

Not that I don’t enjoy the ranking of my gigs, but I think this ranking system is just ridiculous and no one seems to know exactly how it works.


There’s no rhyme or reason - and I’m no longer interested in hearing about fiverr’s algorithm - because I feel like so many different ideas are being tested at one time right now, and altered so much – that any calculated efforts are all haywire.

Now – with showing reviews for just the past 60 days, rather than lifetime reviews, I’ve been pushed back on a few of my most popular gigs - and I have a culmination of over 5000+ positive reviews on my profile, over 7 years, that matter not.

The category I think needs a serious overhaul is “Recommended” - How can fiverr recommend more highly (at least it would appear so, by category gig placement) - folks with NO orders completed or others with 3 star reviews who have completed a total of 3 orders, over those with hundreds or thousands of 5 star reviews?

Is it a good look for a company to recommend a seller with 3 orders completed and a 3.9 star rating? And the recommendation is based on what? Certainly NOT performance.

Something’s got to give so that those of us who have busted our petooties on here for 7 years or longer, aren’t completely over shadowed by people with less skill, and or qualifications.

They need a “Tried and Tested” category! IMOHO