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How Do I Rank My Gigs 1st Page!

How to Rank Gigs 1st Page:

  1. Use Perfect Keyword Properly into Your Gigs
  2. Do Social Media Marketing
  3. Try to Active 14-16 hrs on Fiverr Profile
  4. Send Buyer Request Daily

If you want to get more idea click this gig: Facebook Page


Good advise bro I will try your tactics…

Thank you for your advice.
Right now i am searching for social media marketing related project. So, How can i get the Buyers Facebook business manager access without providing my gmail id or any other social media link? And another thing if the buyers doesn’t agree to provide his Facebook login access what will i do then?

Thanks @lov_mon for some ideas for ranking.

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Nice way of marketing. But you shouldn’t do this here in forum.

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My Fiverr Gigs category only for fiverr gigs marketing. So I do this. Fiverr give us this opportunity. I think you understand. Thank you.

You can share your social media user name, link - (not email) if you have social media related gigs. I do this many times. But it’s only allow on your social media gigs message / order section, not for other gigs and also you ca get your social media platform user name, mail, link for your project work. Thank you.

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