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How do i ranked up from 198 position to 49 for a specific keyword in 15 days

Hi i am going to tell you something today that i experienced on fiverr about ranking.
the main common factor mostly all sellers think that it depends upon the number of orders created and reviews.these are obviously factors to rank high but today i am going to tell you some tips that seller don’t know about.
here are some secrets due to which i ranked up high and noticed that it really matters.
1)delivery on time
2)revenue per order
3)an awesome positive review with a tip
these are 3 things that you have to take care along with the number of orders and positive reviews.
i assure you that if you follow these things you will be at the top one day.

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I really thought that I am going to learn a way to “Increase rank for a specific keyword in 15 days”. I would not say that these 3 tips are not good but they cannot make you rank higher for a specific keyword. Other than that, Worthy tips. :v:

These are not the way to increase your rank in the listings.

Not one of these tips work. If they did my gigs would be on top. They are mostly toward the bottom.

for specific keyword i am mean if i have a gig of modern logo design then for a keyword like if someone search modern logo then my gig will be ranked for that keyword.the most important thing is delivery on time and it worked for me because i know deliver work on time and it really helped me to rank up.

Hello Miss crystal the most important is deliver on time.because i talked with my success manager and he told me that now a days it really matter to deliver on time.and other thing it depends upon your niche because now a days logo designing is on top so i am talking about that.i mostly deliver order on time and my gig price is high so i think these are the major factors of ranking me up.

I deliver on time. My gigs are not ranked highly mostly.

Hi Miss crystal that was my experience because i was delivering my orders late and since when i started work to deliver on gig position ranked up.i don’t mean to post anything wrong but that’s happened to me that’s why i shared my apologies if this didn’t help you.

Hi, how I check rank position of my gig? plz

as aa expert… please tell me effective method to rank my gig.

Delivering on time won’t increase your gig ranking but late deliveries will surely decrease buyer activity.

1)delivery on time
2)revenue per order
3)an awesome positive review with a tip

Like someone had mentioned, those won’t necessarily increase your ranking, but having delivering late and having negative reviews will hurt it. I recently had a buyer provide me with a 3 star ranking, although not negative it very well is considered a negative rating.

Unfortunately, it was after the delivery was auto fulfilled otherwise I would have easily provided the buyer with a refund no questions asked.

So make sure you are active, provide excellent customer service, deliver on time (recent deliveries help your ranking, i.e go three days without delivering anything you will certainly fall in ranking) and promote your gigs outside of fiverr to help increase traffic.

I wish you continued success!


You can pull up fiverr within an incognito window on chrome for example, search your category and scroll through to see where you are.

Hope that helps.


delivered on time help because if you don’t deliver on time they will rank you down.and its according to new rules deliver on time work

you are right :slight_smile:

Thanks, emma07, these are nice tips.

How to start the gig to rank up high?

fiverr has its own way to increase positioning, for me its like a black magic lol . but i believe if you do hard work and being loyal to fiverr it help you to grow business :slight_smile:

Thank you emma07 for these tips.

Thanks Emma07. That really helps.

How do you know that your gigs were ranked 198, did you count?