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How do I receive an hourly order at Fiverr? Request experienced freelancer guidance

Hello here.
Orders dropped significantly last month, various social media, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But the results are not very obvious, where should the orders come from? Is there no customer need to design services? Can I receive an hourly order through Fiverr? I hope that the experienced freelancers of Fiverr provide advice and guidance. Communicate with each other! I am very grateful to Fiverr for connecting me to the world. More hope to bring more opportunities.

The best wishes.

This is a marketplace for projects, not hourly work.


Thank you for your reply. Where should I get the order? what should I do.

Research and figure it out for yourself. Fiverr has shared lots of resources and there is lots in the Fiverr forum, too, if you do the research.

Please don’t ask people questions for which there is already many resources online. It’s up to you to take the initiative.

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Thank you very much. Your words inspired my enthusiasm.

Thank you for your reply. Where should I get the order? what should I do.

Do you see buyer requests? They can be useful for getting orders but, unfortunately, lots of new sellers don’t really see them now. They tend to appear more after levelling up.

If you haven’t already done so, give the threads linked to below a read. Naturally, many sellers, including some current super sellers, have been in the same shoes as you. Many have shared their advice on how to evolve beyond that place.

If those threads feel a bit too basic for you, you could try investing in an advertising/marketing book. A free one I like (that’s readily available on Google) is Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins. It’s currently free because the copyright has expired. The book is close to (maybe even over) a hundred years old, but Claude was such a genius that almost everything in the book, especially concerning psychology, is still relevant today.

For a more modern, web-focused take on marketing, you could check out Seth Godin. He has a few free videos on YouTube, which are pretty insightful.

Some of the tips you pick up from the above threads and books will apply to Fiverr, and to the web in general. While it’s important to optimise your Gigs, you may also need to develop an effective off-site marketing strategy in order to be successful here – at least initially, anyway!


Yes.I have seen buyer requests,But I send many offers , and there is no response.

You are competing against dozens of sellers in the buyer request section. If you’re not receiving any responses, then perhaps other sellers are winning the job. Fiverr is a competition-based freelance site. If you want to win orders in the BR section, you’re going to have to improve your seller response.

Are you appealing – personally – to the needs of the buyer? Do you have a gallery of work that can show that you are a top-quality seller for that requested service? Are you being professional? Are you researching your competition, and crafting an offer that can’t be beat?

I know you want sales, but you’re not going to win any just because you want them. Prove that YOU are the seller the buyers you respond to NEED to hire.


Thank you. It’s more important to improve myself skills.

Many thanks:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You can’t get hourly work here because Fiverr is just made for Project type works!

In start to get orders use Buyer Request (Never send a copy paste request), Promote your gig via social medi, Check gigs of your competitors to see what you are doing wrong

With time you will understand Fiverr working and your surely will start getting good amount of work.

Best of luck

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Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will try to do it.