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How do I receive the Fiverr Revenue Card? Do I receive it electronically once I withdraw money from it?

Hello, Fiverr community! I’ve been looking into selling my services on Fiverr and was wondering about the payment options, specifically the fiverr revenue card. I’ve read a lot of articles about it and know thats its a prepaid debit card. How do I get it though? I’ve read through the steps and it goes up to the point saying I’d get an email. Does the card come in the mail? Thank you.


Check this out:

Thanks, but I’ve already been on most of the articles on the Revenue Card and was hoping for a reply from a user whose already done this.

If you type “when does fiverr revenue card arrive” in the search bar above there are numerous topics on the subject which you may find informative.


What I found from this search was that the Fiverr revenue card is a prepaid debit card that is shipped to my home and every time I withdraw to it on Fiverr, the revenue card increases its value. (After some fees of course.) I actually really like this payment option! My only complaint is that its physical, but that’s just for personal reasons.

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