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How do I recharge my account


I want to charge my FIVERR $ 20. I do not want shipping on every purchase. How do I recharge my account

Thank you

Thank you

All what I mean. How do I ship my fiverr. And do I buy directly without PayPal

Reply to @lamhoud: What kind of shipping are you talking about? What kind of gigs are you trying to buy? Most gigs are virtual there is no shipping. You buy a logo design, the seller sends you a message through Fiverr.

You can buy gigs using many forms of payment.

Reply to @sincere18: I think that person posted in 2013. (I’ve replied to old threads by accident too.) The person who deliberately went searching for old threads on this topic is trying to use them to spam everyone with a very questionable offer and is doing so repeatedly. I suggest a delicious spam flag.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Oops, you are right, wow, 2013, I missed that one. Ok, I will have to stay off the boards for awhile, LOL. Usually an old thread has many replies so I didn’t catch it. Oh well, it happens.

Reply to @sincere18: I only caught on because the same seller is pulling up a bunch of other similar old threads to splatter with the same spam. I think he or she is taking over the Suggestion Box forum.

Reply to @fonthaunt: p.s. - I just caught on now, there are a few other threads regarding the same topic actually and this spammer is posting, I wonder if they are trying to hack people’s accounts with a fake paypal page so they get the money or something…I’m not clicking on their link of course…

Reply to @sincere18: The spammer had a gig up offering to let people order at higher prices and then have the gig cancelled which refunded their money back to their account to spend on other gigs. In order to sell the gig I guess they were searching out forum posts about getting money into a Fiverr account. It looks like Fiverr has removed the gig so hopefully that will end that particular nonsense.

I understand why buyers would like to pre-fund accounts with some money to spend on gigs. Presently it would let them avoid the processing fee for one thing. Of course, that would also mean Fiverr earns less money so the seller attempting to go around the current system was bound to get denied eventually. The unfortunate thing is that a few unscrupulous buyers already use a method to do the same thing and it hurts sellers. There isn’t any way for sellers to prove it, though. It’s a problematic situation all around. Blah! :wink: