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How do I reject a Gig?


Hey folks …

My experience on Fiverr has been excellent! I have always felt like, even when what I received wasn’t perfect, I got a good product vs what I was paying for the Gig.

Now, I have received a Gig for an e-book project that isn’t even close to what I was hoping for or asking for.

I appreciate what has been done but it is clear to me we will never be able to get to a final product I will be happy with. What is the appropriate, and fair, way to end this Gig?


  1. You can request a mutual cancellation. You will be refunded once the seller accepts it. Be nice and let the seller know that what you got isn’t even close to what you were hoping for.

  2. You can accept what you got and leave a review that reflects your true feelings, but you will not be refunded.

If all else fails, you can go here > Customer Support.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Click on Resolution Center and Cancel the order


Sorry, but you have paid for something and you have got something. If you are not happy with the product you have received, you can take the time to say so in your review. By asking your seller to cancel, you are treating Fiverr like a magical place where you get to make orders and only choose to pay for what you like best. After all, what happens if you don’t like the quality of the work your next seller produces?

Fiverr’s terms clearly state that you can not reject work because you personally do not like it any more than you can take back your McDonalds after deciding that you want to eat at Burger King.

More importantly, all asking buyers to cancel orders does is make them more likely to abandon working on Fiverr or increase their prices. After all, would you routinely work for a day only to have someone come back and say “hey sorry, we’ve decided that we’re not going to pay you.”

What’s fair and appropriate? Realizing that someone has spent time on your work and that they like you can’t survive off fairy dust.


Hey Cyaxrex …

First, thanks for your response. Above everything I want to do what is right!

Here is the challenge that I have - the person said they could research and write me an e-book on 10 Ways To Save Money When Selling Your Home. I sent them links to about a dozen websites where they could find the info and in essence all they did was cut and paste what they found and tweaked the wording a little bit. The product they sent me was anything but an e-book. This is a $120 gig and the finished product is worthless.

I am ok with just chalking it up to a loss and giving them a bad review. If you were the provider would you prefer that or come to some other agreement?

What would you think is the best and fairest resolution?

Thx again for your tasking the time to respond …