How do I remove inactive conversations?


I am a buyer with several inactive conversations with sellers who could not deliver the gig I was offering. How do I remove these from “All Conversations” so I can manage that list more efficiently?

Thanks to all.


On top of the conversations, there is a bar with a trash icon, try that (first, you have to select all or some conversations for the bar to appear).
A pop-up will ask you if you really want to delete it, so no worries, you still get some time to pause in case you were clicking these things too fast and yet want to keep one.
You can also “move to archive” instead, in case you may still need them one day.


Thank you, Miiila. I had (mistakenly) thought there would be a global/multiple delete option. Foolish me.
Thanks for your help with this.
P.S. Osterglocken Tender to you too