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How do i remove the packages?

i’d like to go back to the original way of pricing, please!

I haven’t implemented it yet but I wondered about this too.


So, I did a little research and I doubt you can just remove the option at this point, although I can’t be sure yet. However, in the long run from what I found, it really doesn’t matter. You can use just one package, price it at $5 and it’s essentially the same thing as your old $5 gig plus any extras you want with it. It looks different, of course, but if you set it up similar to the old way it doesn’t even look like different. See this example of a package used like an old $5 gig plus extras:

Hello Everyone,

I recently activated standard package in my gig but, now i want to remove it

Does anyone know how to turn off standard package in gig. i just want to revert my gig in normal mode with basic 5$

All your help will be Appreciated


Packages are the future for all Fiverr gigs. I do not believe that you can go back to the pre-packages format. Eventually, all gigs on Fiverr will have to offer packages.

Hoping that is a package option.

People try packages and see sales drop but are stuck with them? Fiverr needs to make them optional since sellers can tell if it hurts or helps their sales.

Oh, I agree. There appear to be kinks that still need to be worked out. I’m not a big fan of features that are rolled out, and then required… before they’re 100% ready to go.

Once it’s decided to go into it, it can’t be undone.

Soupdogs you have no gigs so why are you asking how to remove packages?

Is that possible via customer support…?

@jayesh_desai - No. As far as I am aware, if you make the switch to packages, it cannot be undone. Like I said, packages are the future. Fiverr wants sellers to make the switch.

Thanks for your reply, i’m really worried about it.

Since, I activated package my sales are dropped.

Another minus point - After adding packages my gig looks expensive then other sellers in fiverr search result.

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You don’t have any packages on your gigs. Did you get them taken off somehow?

I have standard package in Meta tags optimization gig, I also contacted customer support about this. They told me that going to standard view is no possible anymore since we are implementing packages to every category. So, finally no option to revert it to normal view.

It’s a bottom-line deal. Ultimately peoples sales may drop but the fact that Fiverr is getting more per order % wise means they’re in fact profiting although others may be suffering. For those that have already established gigs it’s going to go great, for those with newer gigs it’s going to be quite rough. Generally, they want to push out more profit per order for established gigs and already know TRS, and high volume Level 2 sellers will set their prices at least at $10 effectively doubling Fiverr’s profit per order. Keep in mind some people have 300+ orders in queue and a slight price change is not going to change that for them


I actually prefer the idea of having packages for all gig categories as ultimately the only option then for using Fiverr is to order a gig package, thus effectively increasing and requiring buyers to although still pay higher than their usual Fiverr prices, they are still way below in terms of other markets. For example $20 for a Logo is a bargain when other companies may sell them for $100 to $350 a pop, thus outsourcing will still exist and Fiverr will still get high volumes of sales. Although it may seem rough now, when it’s fully released across the board the only option buyers will have is to buy packages. They aren’t just going to simply leave an already established outsourcing venue especially when some companies are most likely turning hundreds if not thousands of dollars with the outsourcing and profit potential aspect.

What you should focus on is designing packages around what you offer at a higher price bracket. Lower sales volumes but more targeted buyers.

I agree that being able to have higher basic prices is a good thing.
OP did you remove your gigs entirely?