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How do i remove the some topic what i shared in my fiverr gigs? (Resolved)



Anyone can tell me the how do i remove the some topics at the my fiverr gigs?


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You cannot unless you wish to ask the forum admin team to do that for you.


Ok thanks you so much sir for aware me about that’s matter but how could i request of forum admin team?


I am going to call them here. Let us see what they decide.

ATTN: @fonthaunt @annai80 @eoinfinnegan

Admin/mods pardon me if my guidance was inaccurate.


You can flag your own topics and ask for removal.


ok i will try and thank you so much.


Another option you have is to edit your post yourself ;). If you delete the content of your post it will be automatically removed after 24 h.


ok thanks for your help and aware me about that’s things.

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