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How do I report a buyer, whom has received a task and want to cancel the order?

Order was created and I delivered. The buyer requested modifications, I made the correction and send it back, the buyer however requested another modification, stating that he has to give the project to someone else to review and before he accept the order, so I requested for the buyer to accept extension of time, to avoid late delivery which he made to be affecting my stats already. Hence, in timely bases, I tend to contact buyer regarding the review, he constantly tells me its under process. I am currently not satisfied with his credibility so I decided which ever way we should end this gig, but most importantly, I don not want to cheated since he has not provided a contrary review to my work. I demand my payment.


Firstly, don’t do that.

To the best of my knowledge and at the time of this post: As long as you deliver the original and complete order on time, the ‘late’ notification will not affect your stats.

Have you asked how long the buyer expects this process to take? If they say only one more day, then redeliver the order, they’ll have three days to complete it or ask for another revision. If they say more than three days, get a date and if it’s reasonable, redeliver the order three days before that date. If they don’t give a date, set your own timeframe. “I can give you another 5 days to get this processed, but I will have to redeliver then.” If they give an unreasonable date, then yes, you might need to consider this a loss.

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That you’ll have to take up with Fiverr.


Thanks you very much for this, most especially this video, it was very informative.