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How Do I report a user?

I had a buyer treat me with no respect said I didn’t know what I was doing, which is not true. I also designed two banners the first one I asked if it was ok and the buyer said it was good. Then the buyer turns around and says that they all need to be changed. I was ok with doing so… then out of no where the buyer wants to cancel and says that I don’t know what I’m doing and criticizes me. I wanted to fulfill the buyers need and all this buyer wanted to do is call me a bad designer and kept trying to find ways to cancel the order. I find this should be able to report this user as this buyer probably treats all sellers with disrespect and request to cancel to get free stuff.

Fiverr, needs to have a option called “flag this user” if a user is deemed to be disrespectful and or seems to be an abusive buyer. So then fiverr has there automated system if a said user gets a certain number of flags for valid reasons with proof then that users account can get suspend or banned for a number of days.

yes i just meet the same story, his username is fragglesrock. I’ve already done exactly what he asked me, delivered to him very fast and he request cancel and criticizes me.

You can’t call users out on the forums. You can report him to CS for review

Fiverr, needs to have a option called “flag this user” or seller protections. this is really not fair to me and the other.

I just had a user do the same thing. He was literally after some extra work, I gave him everything I promised and much more but he was disrespectful and said he’ll be happy with extra work. His username is iyoasessefa

They obviously do this to get a refund and have the work as well. So it’s plenty of stuff not for a fiver but for free. Cheapskates.

"Fiverr, needs to have a option called “flag this user” or seller protections. this is really not fair to me and the other. " - I totally agree with this. Wasted my time for nothing.

Looks like it’s the norm for this f***er. He just purchases gigs and finds ways to cancel it so he can have the work and his money back…

Here’s another order he cancelled.

People have no respect or appreciation these days man. Bunch of retards.

I also faced the same thing. Recently a buyer ordered my gig and after giving proper service, he asked to cancel the order. His username is cyborgcod. The fact is that he himself got poor ratings and now he want to waste my time.

guess we should make a forum with a list of cheaters like them.

I normally have the cheaters list and search for the name , i have collect 15-20 in last 5 years and remember the names now. So when ever they come back for more orders, just refund them.

Buyers should also have star rating and there should have been an option not to accept users bellow certain ratings.