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How do I report being given a bad review when the requirements were poorly defined?

I have been working with a buyer who clearly does not speak English as a first language. I was requested to write what I saw in the video. Clear as day, his words were “write what you see”. So I did.

The job was complete and then sent but rejected because this was not what was wanted. I was then asked to write my thoughts on the video seen. I undertook the changes and completed. Then it was rejected again saying this was not what he asked for and the proceeded to provide examples that if provided up front would have solved the problem.

I really am a little fed up with this Buyer, not sure if I can name and shame here, but when requesting something examples help and clarity on the requirement is vital. This Gig has upset me and I have been given a bad a rating because I only did what was asked and essentially the gig was changed.

Any thoughts on this?

You can always try contacting CS. CS has always been great with me about removing ridiculous reviews, but in this regard, it really depends on who you talk to and how you present your case. That said, you already have a considerable number of reviews and one bad review isn’t really going to hurt you that much. It’s annoying, especially when you obviously put a lot of work into the project, but it happens and it’s something every business has to take in stride. You can’t please everyone all the time.

For the future, it is best to talk more with the customer before you start the job. If someone doesn’t speak English I would not take “write what you see” at face value. Always ask for an example, ask more questions. Did you request samples of what they wanted?