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How do i report duped gigs made by the same person

I recently witnessed a person who has 2 gigs, same name, same gallery, same description, same content, one has 18 reviews and the other 11

I believe this violates the rules so i reported it but nothing happened

Perhaps i have done the wrong way

Any idea how should i do it?


This doesn’t violate anything? The same person with the same account made two similar gigs? I can’t FATHOM the INJUSTICE!!!

Similar gigs are okay. Duplicate gigs with the same content are a violation.

Maybe Fiverr CS are busy attending to bigger violations than duplicate gigs? (I would hope, but don’t hold your breath.)

  1. Yes, it does violate the ToS if they’re identical.
  2. Staff only takes duplicates other people have done of your gigs seriously, they only marginally care about reports in general.
  3. Not really anything you’d need to start a thread for or lose sleep over if it isn’t the above…
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