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How do I report someone

A user is trying to get my email address, phone number etc basically saying he needs them to verify me…fiverr have already stopped the interactions but I stupidly added him to facebook - how do I report him?

Just contact and don’t give your details to others :)>-

Now he wants to buy my fiverr account of me lmao - please give me input!

Basically he was trying to hack into your account with the given details. When all failed he tried to buy.

I’d change your account password to something even stronger as I suspect he will keep trying and also block him from facebook and all other social networks where you’ve added him.

He’s now offered $80 - which I’ve declined…thanks for your advice…unsure why he is offering to buy it now, he also offered to use my acc to sell his own gigs and pay me $1 per gig…this being after he initially wanted my fiverr email address and linked phone number lol

My password is that simple no one would guess it, but yes, I will change it - thanks again for your advice x