How do I represent my music production skills using the fiverr video


Hello I am A music producer and I recently got denied for my video. In the video I only used 1:30 sec worth of music and a very nice photo which represented my service and marketing strategy uniquely. I feel like the video really helps my potential customers grasp my services. why can’t I use this and why did I get denied. any thoughts?

  thanks Kyle


You might want to contact Customer Support; I too have had THREE videos denied, recently; two finally got approved and the third got denied YET AGAIN just an hour or so ago, even though I made SURE it followed their guidelines:
(1) It says “Exclusively on Fiverr”
(2) It does NOT show products not sold here
(3) It DOES start out with a $5, basic gig.

Incidentally, if anyone else is reading this – What if the gig is NOT exclusive to 5r? Is it in the ToS that it has to be?


Seemingly, Fiverr has different requirements for different categories, so that’s an “imho” from my perspective but I think going over the one minute mark is a general cause for rejection.


This was helpful. thanks!