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How do I resolve this?

Hello Everyone,

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this.

Please, I’ve been trying to withdraw my Earning, using the PAY PAL option, but always receive “Withdrawal Failed”.

I do receive withdrawal confirmation e-mail and withdrawal successful email, whenever I initiate withdrawal, but on my “Earnings” page, I would see “Withdrawal Failed”.

Please, how can I resolve this???


Hello, bro you can contract fiver support center.
i think fiver team solve your problem.


Talk with CS… They will help you.


try again to clear cache and cookies from your browser

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Thank you all.

I’ve contacted CS. The problem is actually with PayPal offerings in my country.
PayPal doesn’t support receiving of funds for my Country, they only support sending of funds.

Thank you all for the tips, really appreciate.