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How do I respond to a client message. I am a new seller

I notice that clients have been messaging me regarding my gigs and after I respond no offers follow. Is there something I am doing wrong? you check out my gigs at

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Well we can’t really say what is it you are doing wrong. At the very least you can post here a conversation or what are you replying to your clients and then we might be able to point out mistakes (of course buyers name should be hidden)

And not all Even good messages lead to sales

I’m puzzled :thinking: is this a riddle?

Jokes aside, didn’t you just a get a warning from fiver and now jumping right away to give advices?

yeah i got it I have completed ten orders also in my first month. It’s good for me.

I got it because one of my mistake that I didn’t know aout

No. I didn’t get a warning?

Client: Hi, could you provide any examples of work you have done that is similar to the brief? Many thanks.
Me: Sure. Thank You for selecting me. Please samples attached. I am looking forward for you to accept my gig.

There is nothing wrong with that. They might’ve just been looking for a different style from your samples.
You can also change “accepting gig” to “let me know if you have any other questions”

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This buyer likely sent the same message to multiple sellers and is either still looking through the samples they received to try to make a decision, or they have chosen another seller. Leave them be, don’t send another message - they’ll be back if they need the work.