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How do I respond to a negative review when buyer seemed pleased?

I’ve recently gotten a negative review and I’m not sure how to respond. The buyer and I worked through exactly what he asked for, until it was communicated clear. I asked his opinion as we were revising, to make sure he was pleased. On the revision before the final piece, he said how he liked how I made it “pop” and just asked me to switch the colors. I let him know, if he needed another graphic, to let me know and thanked him for his order. Buyer disappeared for a couple of days after I sent it and didn’t finish the order. I wake up with only a rating in response. How should I respond in my review back? Should I contact the buyer further or leave it to rest on that end? I understand people will not always be pleased with my work. But, I am confused that he seemed pleased and then the rating says otherwise.
I actually got this work through buyers request. What are your opinions on going there to find work? Has this happened to you?

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I’m sorry that happened to you :frowning: That’s never happened to me, but I would be really frustrated if it did. I think my opinion will differ from the majority of sellers (just based on what I’ve seen on the forums), but I wouldn’t contact them. If I was a buyer and a seller contacted me about a negative review, it would make me really uncomfortable. For some reason, the buyer chose not to discuss his displeasure with you. I would respect that decision. My opinion is that you also shouldn’t respond with a low rating to the buyer review, or leave a comment stating that the customer seemed happy. Whenever I see seller’s response to a negative review and it seems to be blaming the customer for not asking for revisions, I always think twice about buying from them. This is my opinion, I would either not respond at all, or rate the buyer under his rating and say something like “I’m so disappointed that you weren’t happy. I’ll be happy to complete any necessary revisions!” I think this will show future buyers that you can take negative feedback, and then they may feel more comfortable bringing concerns to you.


You bring up a great point about contacting them. I can understand if I was a buyer how that could make it uncomfortable. I’ve seen in the forums about how people have and it’s favorable. I wasn’t sure if this would be the appropriate situation for that. That makes sense to say something like that instead of saying “buyer seemed happy then review shows otherwise” I feel I gave more than what the gig stated but maybe in some situations more is not always the best solution… Thank you for sharing your perspective!


You’re so welcome :slight_smile: That is only my opinion though. It does seem like a lot of people feel differently. I’m really introverted and don’t like confrontation, so that’s why I have that view. I’m not sure how a more extroverted buyer might feel.

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I understand you and feel the same way because I’m also an introvert. Some buyers are confusing sometimes, one minute they start praising you another they start criticizing. You just have to stay positive and hope for the best.

@lilacpunch …don’t think because of one err you won’t use buyer’s request again. Sometimes you earn, sometimes you learn. :blush: :sunglasses:


It’s interesting to read it in this sense, because I would consider myself more of an extrovert. Definitely will always stay positive! :+1:

That’s a clever way to put it! I’ll have to remember that. :smile:


I would definitely contact the buyer and tell them politely that you feel bad their experience with you was less than outstanding, and that you’re happy to make revisions until they’re absolutely satisfied with your product.
The reason? Sometimes the buyer never means to give a negative rating, and it’s just a few wrong clicks or a faulty touch-screen that the wrong number of stars are clicked. This is especially the case when the associated comment is a generic/automated Fiverr review such as “Poor Experience”

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Thank you for giving your opinion. Good to know that for the future!