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How do I respond to positive buyer feedback?


Hi guys!

I’m brand new to Fiverr! I set my account up in November and just started promoting on January 1st. So far I’ve had four bites, 3 purchases, and 2 positive feedbacks (In 6 days!) Hopefully I will have a third after delivering this last gig. I left 5 star buyer feedback in return and a thank you note, but neither show up on my profile beneath my seller feedback. I know there is a way to do this as I have seen it on other sellers profiles. What am I missing?

I was also wondering if Fiverr reports earnings to the IRS? Should I expect a 1099 next year or should I rely on my “Earnings” tab.



Hi there!

You’ve had a great start - well done!

You won’t see the feedbacks you’ve left on your profile, but you can see them on the individual gig pages.

No idea about iRS etc. - sorry! :slightly_smiling_face:


No they don’t and you won’t get a 1099 from fiverr.

If you look at the individual gig where the review was left you will see your response to it, but not if you look at reviews under your profile.

In spite of not getting a 1099 you will need to pay self employment tax if you earned over $600.


You can find your own review on each gig page


Ok, great! I see them now! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Roger that! Pulling out the old excel sheet now :wink: