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How Do I Return to My Profile for Editing?


How Do I Return to My Profile for Editing?


On the homepage, click on your picture, then on your name.

This will take you to your profile where you can edit the sections you want.


Thank you. I still did not get back to the spot I was before getting disconnected.



What spot were you at, MM?


Thank you Sara, I was able to get in. Now I am trying to figure out how to do the bundles. The topic for each bundle, etc. Where can I get that information without reinventing the wheel?


Ok, cool. What do you mean by bundles? Gig extras? Packages?


Yes, the gig packages.


Ok. Go Selling > Gigs and then Edit (using the arrow next to your gig).

On the Edit page, click on Pricing. On the right-hand side, where it says 3 packages, you have the option to toggle packages on/off.

If you toggle packages on, you can then fill in the details for each package. Start with your most basic package, end with your premium package. Price them likewise. If you can’t think of names for each, just go with Basic, Standard, Premium.

Once you save your gig, your packages will be available for purchase.


Click on your photo In the main page then click on your name then you can edit your profile and gigs