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How do I review my order?


It’s my first experience here at Fiverr.

I have ordered from a top rated person to review and update my resume.

She was very late with her replies.

But I don’t know exactly where do you actually see the completed updated resume?

Does anyone know?

Please advise!



Is the order showing as “complete” on your order page? Be sure her last response to you doesn’t have a .doc or .txt or similar file attached. If not, and she didn’t send you a link to retrieve the resume on a remote site, then you’ll need to contact her and ask where your resume is, or if the order is marked complete and you want, you can click on “resolution center”, next to the order number tab, and choose an option. Asking for a modification forces the order open again, and the clock starts again. Asking for a mutual cancellation will end up crediting your account if the seller also cancels.