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How do I revise an already submitted offer?


I am currently responding to a buyer request who included a word doc file with their script. I have taken an audio clip of the script so he can hear what I am proposing, however, I notice I am unable to include an MP3 or WAV file when I submit my offer.

From reading the Community pages it is suggested I upload the audio file to dropbox or my G drive and supply a link to the buyer. I have already submitted the proposal WITHOUT a link and need to add the link into the proposal.

I have searched the forums to find out how to revise my offer AFTER already submitting it to the buyer, but, am unable to find any posts about this topic. How do I give him the link now?

Please help.


Unfortunately, once you send the request it can’t be edited nor you can send another request to the same offer.


hmmm, that’s a same. Thanks.