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How do i see UK prices & services


just joined but now im in the site i see prices in us dollars ! how do i see UK prices £££££

and services ?? ps i couldnt join using chrome browser i had to use opera


If you’re signed into the main Fiverr site, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a currency dropdown box just to the right of the social media buttons. You can change to £ there. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks that works to change currency but i still get the same adverts so info is for usa users ! is their a uk version of fiverr or not ?


Fiverr’s for everybody across the world - you don’t see UK based users because you’re in the UK. You can buy from anybody you want! :sunny:

Added - I see you’re not based in the UK, so not having UK only shouldn’t be an issue!


well i am in the uk dont know why you say im not, point is eg flyer distribution…ads saying they do that in ohio are useless if im in cambridgeshire uk ! do u see my point ? we need a uk only version really, i was told there was such a thing


No there is no UK only version. You can search for UK flyer distribution etc. You can also look at users’ profiles to see where they’re from.

Sorry - your location is showing as Ukraine - that’s why I was mistaken.


ok thanks for help, no idea why ukraine is set for me…bug in fiverr??? very odd ill see if i can change that lol


next question then is how do i change my country ???


Fiverr should pick up your location automatically, unless you’re using some sort of VPN. If that isn’t the case, just ask CS to change it for you.


ok ill contact support and ask them to change my country…something they should let us do ourselves


No - that would be a bad idea…:wink:

Good luck!