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How do i sell a video course on fiverr?

Hey guys, i was just wondering about it and realized that when i create a gig there is “what is your gig about” and on the sub description there is “online course…”, but how do i actually provide the online course?
On the learn.fiverr site there is the buy button, and after that, you get redirect to the online course you can watch any time. But how do i do the same thing with a normal gig?
I made a test gig and there is nothing like “upload the videos of the course” or something like that.

Any suggestion about how i can sell a video course on fiverr?


For teaching, you have to teach in live class using zoom or ■■■■■, you cannot upload recorded videos

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thanks for the answer, i appreciate that, really. but what are the black squares?

s*kype maybe they don’t allow it

ohhhh, i understand, thanks for the help man!

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