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How do I sell my first gig?

I am a member since July’16. But my gig remained as draft till August 13th 2016. Finally I could make it into an acive gig. Kindly can anyone please tell me what will be my next step to get me first order. Where to find the buyers requirements so that I can bid for them.

See Buyers Request section and Bid on them and work hard you will get order hopefully…

Yes send buyer requests on daily bases i have also receive first order on buyer request.

I take a quick look at your gig & this are following reasons I think you are not getting any sells-

  • Your Title doesnt have the targeted keywords for this category,
  • gig image doesn’t represent what you are selling,try adding 3 gig image & make sure they are related to your service & HD.
  • Giig description is not properly formatted,also not optimized for your targeted category.

I think you need to check your competitors & see what they are doing & try to come up with something better then them to get the sells rolling!

for more information search in forum, you will get all answer for your questions.

Check Fiverr Academy for lots of helpful information.