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How Do I Sell My Very First GIG


Hey , Today I joined fiverr and created my very first gig to promote website on my Pinterest account which has 7500+ followers ( increasing by 200-250/day ) by pinning 100 pictures from your blog. But it has been 13 hours and I did not receive any impression yet . Although I checked my gig from a different browser just to see if the number of impression goes up. But still its 0. Please help me. I really need to sell this gig as I am really good in promoting blogs on Pinterest.



Hello and welcome.

13 hours? Hmmmm, are you sitting down? It can take weeks and even months to get going on Fiverr.

You will need to be patient, test and tweak your descriptions and tags and promote your gig outside of Fiverr.

Please read the forum thoroughly, there is a ton of great information for newbies.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile: Just need to ask you one more question , as I said I am new here, I don’t really know if my Gig is good enough to be sold :/. I will pin 100 pictures from any Blog to my pinterest with 7500+ followers for $5. For me 100 pins mean 100-130 visitors per day and the traffic from these 100 pins would be coming forever ( although it might drop - but the traffic will keep coming in ) . Do you think my gig is worth it? :confused: Honest answer please :slight_smile:


anybody who could answer me ? :frowning: