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How do I sell someone the copyrights?

If I sell someone the copyrights, that just means that they can now use my story for whatever they want, and can even publish it as being theirs. So…to sell someone the copyrights, do I have to give them any tangible thing? (Any documentation or anything?) Or do I just deliver the story and say “Woo Hoo this story is 100% yours!” ?

You should come to an agreement with the seller and discuss this with them. You two should settle on a price so they can have the copyrights to the work. The conversations/meetings of the minds grants that buyer with the copyrights and abilities to use the work how you disclose to them. If the buyer wants more protection i would provide them with a signed agreement. But I would only do this with large deals $1000 and up.

So, in Fiverr’s Terms of Service it says, "Unless clearly stated otherwise on the sellers Gig page/description, when the work is delivered, and subject to payment, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the seller, and the seller waives any and all moral rights therein."

What I get from that is unless you want to add an extra or something that includes a little copyright waiver or contract that states you’re signing total ownership over to the buyer, they already have that ownership. What I do when my fiction-writing gig is live is send them a really short little contract that states I release all copyrights to that buyer for that story. You can find a short, simple one (or at least some verbiage that you can adjust to your needs) online if you have buyers that really want documentation.

As @emasonwrites says, unless a seller clearly states in their gig description that they RETAIN the copyright, it automatically goes to the buyer with the completed order.

There’s nothing wrong with adding some wording (as @emasonwrites does) to reassure the buyer.

You can add an “extra” fee to cover the transfer of copyright/IP, but that most likely will put you at a disadvantage with your competition - most provide it for free.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Thank you, this was super helpful! (I also didn’t realize the buyer already had the rights…)

Reply to @passchendaele: Neither did I–until I read it somewhere on the forum back when I was a newbie! Happy I could help!