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How do I send a file through Fiverr that is over 30 MB?

I need to send a file that is 49MB to a graphic designer but the file is too large for Fiverr. How can I send this file through when Fiverr does not allow you to communicate directly with the seller/buyer?

Use Drop Box and send the designer a link to the file through the Fiverr message/order system.

You can also use Google Drive, just upload your file and create a shareable link. Then deliver that link as per fonthaunts advice.

Wetransfer is a good option as well. It’s free, you can send it to your email account and you will get a shareable link as well where your client can download the work.

Upload your file on mega and share the downloadable link. Mega provide you a good space and Wetransfer is best suitable in your case.