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How do I send a good proposal to buyers


I need your support guys

creating multiple forum posts about the same thing ain’t gonna do you any good. Here’s the forum message you posted a couple of hours ago-


That sounds more like a command than a request for help.

Also, asking/requesting/begging in the forum (or anywhere else for that matter) for a job – ain’t gonna make your prospective buyers go "omg I need to help this seller out... Lemme place an order with this person ASAP and help him/her out"

Au contraire! It instead works against you and drives your buyers away. This is your business and you need to act the part by being professional. :man_in_tuxedo:t3: :man_office_worker:t3:

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Thank you Sir I do appreciate your professionalism and feel taught at this point.
I am not perfect and I stand corrected.

Another suggestion would be that you don’t use words like sir, dear, madam, brother, sister, friend, etc with your buyers. I learned about it myself only after I visited the forum. I didn’t know about it prior to that.

idc what you call me here on the forum… don’t get me wrong… but remember not to use such words with your customers as I’ve learned that customers don’t like being addressed by those words.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors on Fiverr. :+1:

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Please can I know the acceptable keywords

there is no right word, just address your job.
I will give you one simple example, imagine you are shop buying tomoto, what are you thinking about?? about tomoto.

same goes for buyer, if they contacted you they contacted you about the service which you are offering and that what they are thinking about. So talk about why you are good

Thank you very much!!