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How do I send a message without an offer!

How do I send a message without sending an offer to the buyer!
Sometimes the buyers will not provide full details about their project!
and the only way to ask them is by sending them an offer with the message! or I’m doing it wrong?
And what if the buyer accept the offer while I just made it to ask a question! what would happend! and can I cancel it? :thinking:

You can just message them through the inbox without sending offers.

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Hmm - I think the OP might be talking about buyer requests and having to send an offer? :sunny:

@nirzan That’s all you can do with BR - you can’t have a chat with them first, you’ve got to send an offer.


I tired to search on the the buyers name in fiverr search box! that’s doesn’t work

Hmm okay thanks, but what if the buyer accept the offer! can I cancel it!

If you’re talking about buyer requests, you’re not supposed to message clients outside of the BR section. Reaching out to them like that is considered spamming.

Just send offers and hope for the best.


Yes, but it’ll count against your cancellation stats if the buyer purchases and then it’s cancelled.

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I’m not spamming!
A buyer posted a request 5 min later, he asked for a website but didin’t give any idea about what kind of website he want!
For that I did that :thinking:

I understand what your intentions are, but it’s very likely that direct messages like that will be counted as spam.

Hmm okay, thanks, I will ignore these request from now on…

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Hmm okay I got it :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for your time