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How do I send details for a business card?


My first time on Fiverr and I ordered two business cards, paid $20 for speed. THEN I find out that Fiverr doesn’t permit sending contact details - the details that I need on my card. I’m so frustrated and discouraged. It’s been 3 days and I need the design. I’ve paid $75 for two cards but all I have are two website names… no urls, no name, no phone number, no email address. It’s useless to me. Why offer the service if they don’t permit you to use it?

Rant over - live and learn


I’m sure if the gig is to design a business card then logic dictates that it would be ok to send the information as it is an integral part of the gig delivery.


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I have asked Customer Support similar question and they said it is okie to ask for contact details purely to be used in project and never try to contact outside fiverr.


Zip the information. Send it in a text document, word document or something and then compress it. Send it to the seller as a zip file.