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How do I send files to people if I can't give them my email?


I want to offer audio files and other things like that, how can I send the completed files to people if I can’t get their email to send it to them. I’m sure there’s just a button I’m missing or something, but I’m just new here so any help would be great!


thank you very much for you help :slight_smile:


Hi mwdoo I have one question. I am working on rich snippet. The buyer want me give edit access right to me for modifying the product in thier web master tool. For this purpose they need my email id. How can I give my email id to buyer if it is not permitted on fiverr?


Contact Customer Support to receive “permission” to use your email address as the login info. Perhaps you can make a new email address with the word “fiverr” in it as a sign of goodwill. :slight_smile: