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How do I send seller large clips, that are too big to attach (larger than 30mb?


How can I send large clips to the seller to work on, if we cannot use email addresses ( as required in WeTransfer)

Please forgive my ignorance, but I need HELP!


Upload it to Google Docs or Dropbox and send it via Google Docs or Dropbox. Give the seller a link to your file on Google Docs or Dropbox on messaging system


Dropbox is better option, you can use any third party option to send large files.


Large files best for Dropbox.


@noushadonattu @janedavies and @allplrarticles that’s exactly what I always do, Dropbox is the best solution for large files

Enjoy the weekend


Nearly every animated video I deliver is through Dropbox. Easy Peasy and zero cost.


Use Dropbox or mediafire and then send link to buyer/client.



You can use any of the free services as mentioned, but remember, unless you purchase or subscribe to the service, all your info and downloads are available to anyone who is smart enough to scan those systems for links. Nothing is secure on the internet as the internet was not created for security!


Reply to @allplrarticles: If Google Docs would require another Fiverr user to have an email address, this one would be prohibited by the Terms of Service. Exchanging outside contact information is against the terms and can cause accounts to be banned.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Google drive allows users to set permissions and give public access to their files on Google drive so that it can be accessed by anyone on the web…

No sign-in is required, If you set your Google drive’s file permission to public. People can just click on the link and it will allow you to save the file without signing in because they have given public access and no need to exchange emails like I stated in my post above…

I have read Fiverr Terms of Service and there is no violation of Fiverr TOS when it comes to using Google drive or drobox


can i send google doc in public mode i mean anyone can access this links without any email address ?


You’d have to ask Google about google doc questions and you can ask Fiverr Customer Support about sending a google doc via Fiverr. I have only used DropBox with Fiverr.