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How do i set an image as gig thumbnail? problem


hi there guys, i have a problem, i posted a gig and the thumbnail of the gig is being a shown as a video. it randomly chose an image from the video. i see these other gigs n they have an image set as the gig thumbnail while mine has a video as thumbnail how do i get an image as the gig thumbnail like others?


You can set a frame from the video as the thumbnail by going to “edit gig”->“gallery”, put your mouse over the video and select the icon on the top right that gets displayed (the pencil and paper icon?). Click that to edit the video’s thumbnail - it will let you play the video and you can pause I think (it would help if it had a frame-by-frame option too) where you want the thumbnail to be set from and select the option to set the thumbnail as that frame. Also remember that Fiverr zooms and crops the frame chosen a bit depending where it’s shown.


appreciate the input, but is that all the other gig owners are doing? cuz i see alot of images being set as the gig thumbnail rather than a frame from a video.


I think if you have a gig video for the gig the thumbnail for it has to be taken from the video. You can have a gig image too but when viewing as a buyer it shows the gig video’s thumbnail not the gig image. I think the only way you can have a gig image (edit: shown as the preview to the gig) shown to buyers (that doesn’t come from a frame in a video) is to not have a gig video, though some categories don’t allow you to not have a gig video.


ohhkk that is the reason, but since the video helps reach more buyers isnt it better to just leave the video in? (just asking for you suggestion)


Yes, normally I’d think keeping a video if you have one would be the best option.


really really appreciate your help


What you can do is have your thumbnail at start of the video for a sec or 2 and then you can select those first frames to be your thumbnail, I know I am rather late with response but this should work best for you.


Can you explain how to do that? Thx.


You make the thumbnail in 1920x1080 or 1280x720 or 1x1 ratio depending on your video dimensions and add picture in video editing software and add video after it. So basically merge image and video so that image is taking 1 second of the video at start. To further be clear check it on my gig, watch the video and if you pause it at start you will see the thumbnail image once they approve your video on the gig you can go into the gig itself and click pencil icon on the video to change the thumbnail by selecting a frame in your video, and you just go and pause the video at start and select that as thumbnail. Let me know if this helps.