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How do i setup the price?

Hi sweet people! I’m newbie in Fiverr. How do you guys set your gigs price? I get it, we do need reviews and works to get started here. I was checking the average price of what i do, audio production. I was shocked to see the price starts with $5. TBH, it’s really not worth it. I’m aware of scammers who will buy your music in such price and sell it to others. This kind of scammers existed for long time in music industry, i believe it’s same here.

How do i actually get started? I couldn’t help myself but adjust my offer like what other amazing newbie producers offering. Any thoughts on that?

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Here’s what I did…BTW, I write blogs and articles for websites.

I started with a 500-word article at $5.

I did that to get some quick orders and scoop some fast business.

It worked a little too well as I found myself swamped with work.

I should point out that it did take a year before I got my first order but once I did, I was crazy busy.

I eventually raised my rates and added more Gigs.

I currently charge $25 for a 500-word article, which matches my normal non-Fiverr rate.

Every six months or so, I will either increase my rates again or delete Gigs that are not selling and replace them with new Gigs.

I see the marketplace as a constantly evolving place, so I try to evolve as well.

I hope that helps.


This price is very important part…you can research other gig…then you will take a good decision…

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If you want to get big project then you should have some good reviews. But as a new bee you have no reviews, so for getting a large number of review within a short time you should work for a small price or it will be difficult to grow here❤

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I love your answer for this. I did something similar and got so overwhelmed in the beginning. I keep raising my prices until the orders slow down to just a few at a time and that has worked well for me.