How do I show a video AFTER the purchase?


How do I show a video “after” the person buys without the option of a download?

For example, if I say I will show how I braid “paint” for $5, someone buys, then I need a way to show them, but without them downloading my trade secret & blasting it everywhere. How do I show a video after the buy? If I showed it on a secret YouTube page, would this work or be allowed?


Fiverr does allow you to link to Youtube, so that would be fine :slight_smile:


Be aware that there are many programs that you can download YouTube videos with. Not sure if there is a way to block downloading if someone really wants to?


Thank you for the comments. I had forgotten about the download programs. I mainly used YouTube as an example, but thinking to put it on my own site. Is this still ok? Both my site & YouTube are still “3rd party” sites, although after the purchase, & just a way to deliver the goods, if Fiverr does not have this option.