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How do I show my gig game demo

… without breaking fiverr’s policies?

I have a gig where I make a custom game, and I really want buyers to be able to play it before ordering. I can’t put a flash games portal link, and I can’t even put a dropbox link…

Surely there is one of the many allowed links that will work. (Do take care that you have the rights to use all the code in your custom game.)

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, the game was made by me, I own the rights, but I suppose I’m out of luck, those are all video, pictures and music pages, none of them can host games. I’ll have to post a full youtube walkthrough, but it’s not the same…


Well, I saw that you made a duplicate of this post (which is against forum rules) and you seemed to find YouTube a suitable workaround. Good luck, and please don’t post duplicates. :slight_smile: