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How do I show up in the search?

I signed up about 36 hours ago and have been tweaking my profile since then thinking I have done something wrong because I can’t get my gig to show up in a search. Is there some special way I need to save it or something that I am missing?
Thanks, Pearl


All gigs are reviewed by Fiverr after they are created or edited. This is so that Fiverr can ensure that new/updated gigs comply with their Terms of Service. Generally, gigs are under review for up to 48 hours (although, this can be longer on occasion).

Once your gig is reviewed, and approved, it should show up in the search results.


Thanks for that response, but that was four days ago, so now I am going on six days. How do I know if there is a reason why it is taking so long? After reading some of the other posts it seems like it is fairly easy to trip over the rules. I thought I did a pretty straightforward job and mine looks like the others in my category. I don’t see any messages on the account or any red, flashing lights indicating something I need to change. What am I missing?

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Perhaps you should contact Customer Service for more clarification.

I signed up about 10 month ago but I can’t get my gig to show up in a search anyone help me please

It seems to have everything to do with the ‘gig title.’ When I got a response back from customer service they had a .jpg of my ad with an arrow pointed at my title, specifically at the words ‘historical research.’ I had been searching for all sorts of things, like history research, research, even my own name and had not been able to find my ad, but as soon as I did a keyword search for ‘historical research’ it came up. Those words were the ones specifically in my ‘gig title’ and I had not made the connection. I changed my gig title and now I come up under ‘history research’ with all the others I am competing against. I went ahead and put ‘historical’ in the search tags just in case they might mean something, but since ‘history’ was in there and it didn’t help, I don’t think it matters. I may make a separate gig for ‘historical research’ to cover all my bases but right now I am kind of angry about the search not working for both and I would actually have to create the whole thing from scratch. It seems you can’t start with a gig base and just make a few changes.

I did get a response back from customer service very quickly (a couple of hours) so it is worth your time to ask them about your specific issue.

Pearl, just in case you don´t know it - keep in mind that while you can change your gig title, the URL of your gig never changes, it always stays what it is when you set the gig up for the first time - thus, if you´ll make a separate gig for “historical research”, you´d have 2 gigs with “historical research” in the URL, perhaps, while you don´t yet have orders/reviews on your gig, it would make more sense to make a gig that has “history research” or whatever is the best combination of search terms your potential customers may type in, to have it in the URL as well.
Ah, and one shouldn´t have “gig duplicates”, so your gigs should to be distinct enough from one another.

And welcome and good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

Try to copy your gig title and paste it in search and see if it appears or not.

It’ll show up for both “history”, and “research”. It is just that the history, and the research niches seems to be too competitive and overcrowded so you need to get a lot of sales and reviews to boost up. You can confirm this by checking up to the last page of the search for these keywords. You’ll see your gig there. I hope this helps?