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How do I sort Sellers by Location?

I have a company based in the USA and my market is ONLY local - limited to one city. Let’s say it is Bob’s Pizza Shop. How do I search Sellers that can provide local SEO for Bob’s Pizza Shop who will understand the surrounding cites etc.


I do not think you can. Part of the success of Fiverr is that it is international. You would only be able to narrow it down by country anyway, as that is what sellers list under, the country where they live. I do not think you could really narrow it down and someone here on Fiverr who does SEO that lives locally in your city.

That being said, someone who is a good SEO person will be able to do this for anywhere.

I’d also suggest that you use the “request a gig” function. You’ll still have to sift through a load of trash, but it will narrow it down a little.

Good luck!

You should give a request on Post a Request section and enter all the requirements and specifications . I am sure some right person will approach you soon