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How do I start my work as I am new seller?

I am new here and want to get my first sale. I want to provide quality work as a Graphic Designer. I have new and fresh ideas. Help me out!


Welcome to fiverr…Best wishes.
Promote your gig on different social media plate form.

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Okay Thanks for suggestion

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Just do your best to show your works.
If you works is brilliant, people will try and order from you.
and make your gigs and portfolio as professional as possible.

Meaning : FAQS section is important.

FAQS sections is important to show your potential buyer that you know what the usual problem and able to help them. Additonal point if you able to makes your buyer realize something they didn’t know before…

New seller tend to ignore this part. Big mistake.

Wish you luck


build your portfolio and send link in buyer requests

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Okay Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions…

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Thanks a lot…

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you welcome :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Hav a good luck dear…Keep struggling

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